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General membership information


The Outaouais Market's goal is to connect producer and consumer members. Producer members post their products on the Outaouais Market's Website so consumer members may order them. Every week, an ordering period opens and an invitation to order email is sent to consumer members. Products ordered are then delivered to Outaouais Market premises (71 Eddy st.), where consumers may come purchase their order during the pickup period.


When you become a member, you can order online. This allows us to know exactly what people want and avoids waste. Also, you pay 5% less by buying online versus in the shop where purchasing is open to all. You also have access to a wider range of products than in store where only a sample of products is sold. Finally, as a member, you have the right to vote in your co-op.


Ordering periods


Ordering periods open on Tuesday mornings and end on the following Monday at midnight, and so every week. During this period, consumer members can select the products they wish to buy on the site.


Pickup periods


On the Wednesday and Thursday following the ordering period, producers bring the products to the Outaouais Market premises in the morning, and consumers are invited to come pick up their order from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday, or from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Friday. Members choose their preferred pickup period when they create their order.


View products and order


On the Outaouais Market homepage, two icons allow you to view products: "products", for a display by product type, and "Producers", for a display by producer. These two pages also propose a key word(s) search bar.

To select a product, click the icon appearing next to each product. Click the icon - to remove this product from the order. Note that these icons will only appear next to available products. As soon as you will have selected a product, a grocer's basket will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, under which your total and the number of selected items will appear. Click on this total to view your order.


Printing the invoice


We ask that you print your order invoice once the ordering period has ended, that is on Tuesday morning at the earliest. Identifiers used to facilitate the management of products at the pickup location are added to invoices at the end of the ordering period, and printing it too early will prevent these identifiers from appearing on the invoice. This is not crucial though, as volunteers will have the list of identifiers printed as we adapt to the new system.


On pickup day


Present yourself on your chosen pickup period at the Outaouais Market location. A volunteer will help you assemble your order and verify its contents with you.






Not satisfied with a product or service? Send us your comments.

For further inquiries, take a look at our members guide.


Are you a producer or a processor and you would like to make your products available via the Outaouais Market?


Have a look at our Producers selection policy.


Producer selection procedure



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