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Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags Frozen product Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags

Frozen in vacuum seal bags, highbush blueberries. Picked and frozen on the same day varieties; Patriot, Duke, Northland, Blueray. There is no chemical used in the production, only love and manual care. The blueberry plants were planted in a wild field near the forest.
Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm
Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags

Cortland Cortland

(Pomme légèrement acidulée et ferme. La reine de la pomme pour cuisiner des tartes.)
Verger Croque-pomme
5,00 $ (Fr: sac de 3 lb) Qty : 5

Dried cranberries Dried cranberries

Dried cranberries: cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil.
La vallée des canneberges

Dry apple Dry apple

dry apple , 250, 125 or 70 grms, theses are our apples of the season, grown without the use of pesticides, dried without any ingredient added .
Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm
4,50 $ 70 gr Qty : 3

Frozen cranberries Frozen product Frozen cranberries

Frozen cranberries
La vallée des canneberges
3,95 $ 454 r Qty : 99261

Haskap beverage Haskap beverageHaskap beverage

Haskap beverage
La maison des délices
8,50 $ (Fr: 250 ml) Qty : 10
Haskap beverage

Honeycrisp HoneycrispHoneycrisp

Honeycrisp fruit is characterized by an exceptionally crisp and juicy texture. Its flesh is cream colored and coarse. The flavor is sub-acid and ranges from mild and well-balanced to strongly aromatic, depending on the degree of maturity. It has consistently ranked as one of the highest quality apples in the University of Minnesota sensory evaluations. Very long conservation around 6 month in frigo.
Verger Croque-pomme
9,00 $ bag of 3 pounds Qty : 5