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Les Serres Gatineau

Les Serres Gatineau

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(laitue romaine) (laitue romaine)(laitue romaine)

Les Serres Gatineau
3,75 $ one Qty : 14
(laitue romaine)

Boston lettuce Boston lettuceBoston lettuce

A nice tasty lettuce, fresh, crisp and tasty.
Les Serres Gatineau
3,75 $ Unit Qty : 14
Boston lettuce

Green leaf lettuce Green leaf lettuceGreen leaf lettuce

Beautiful lettuce, tasty, appetizing. Keeps well for a long time. Picked every day. Hydroponic.
Les Serres Gatineau
3,75 $ (Fr: unité) Qty : 15
Green leaf lettuce

Mei qing choi Mei qing choiMei qing choi

(Premier pak choi de type Shanghai (à pétioles verts en forme de cuillère). Très bon goût.)
Les Serres Gatineau
3,75 $ (Fr: Unité) Qty : 13
Mei qing choi

Red leaf lettuce Red leaf lettuceRed leaf lettuce

Red leaf lettuce. Enhances color in the preparation of salads.
Les Serres Gatineau
3,75 $ Qty : 12
Red leaf lettuce