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Little sprouted legumes stew Little sprouted legumes stew

Chef Gaëtan Tessier Recipe


  • 200g. sprouted peas - La Défriche
  • 200g. sprouted chickpeas - La Défriche
  • 300g. sprouted lentils- La Défriche
  • 100g. sprouted wheat - La Défriche
  • water
  • salt, pepper
  • 30ml. butter or sunflower oil
  • Meat glaze
  • Poultry stock - Saveur des Monts


1. Precook while keeping al dente each sprout group in a different batch of well salted water.

2. Cool immediately in cold water and drain well.

3. Heat butter or oil and saute sprouts.

4. Add the meat glaze and the poultry stock.

5. Mix well and cook 5 minutes while stirring.

6. Serve with a grilled meat of your choice



The meat glaze may be replaced by beef broth and the poultry stock by consommé. It would then be better to reduce the salt in the sprouts' cooking water.



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