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(melon d'eau rouge sans pépins bio) (melon d(melon d'eau rouge sans pépins bio)

(Très sucré, de forme ronde, de la taille d'un chapeau, variété cultivée "Solitaire". Ce melon vous ravira par sa fraîcheur et sa saveur. Quoi de meilleur en une chaude journée d'été!)
Ferme Chapeau Melon Organic
5,49 $ (Fr: 4-6 lbs) Qty : 30
(melon d

(camerises congelées) Frozen product (camerises congelées)

La maison des délices
8,00 $ (Fr: 454g) Qty : 76

Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags Frozen product Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags

Frozen in vacuum seal bags, highbush blueberries. Picked and frozen on the same day varieties; Patriot, Duke, Northland, Blueray. There is no chemical used in the production, only love and manual care. The blueberry plants were planted in a wild field near the forest.
Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm
Blueberries frozen vacuum seal bags

Dried cranberries Dried cranberries

Dried cranberries: cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil.
La vallée des canneberges

Frozen cranberries Frozen product Frozen cranberries

Frozen cranberries
La vallée des canneberges
3,95 $ 454 r Qty : 99188

Haskap beverage Haskap beverageHaskap beverage

Haskap beverage
La maison des délices
8,50 $ (Fr: 250 ml) Qty : 8
Haskap beverage

Melba Melba

Ripe in mid-August with the following features: fragrant, with juicy white flesh and short conservation.
Verger Croque-pomme
5,00 $ bag of 3 pounds Qty : 47

Organic frozen rhubarb Frozen product Organic frozen rhubarb

Ferme aux pleines saveurs Organic
6,00 $ 300 g Qty : 23

Organic frozen whole strawberries Frozen product Organic frozen whole strawberriesOrganic frozen whole strawberries

Strawberries, frozen separately. Try them in smoothies, pies, jam, etc. Certified by Quebec-Vrai
Ferme aux pleines saveurs Organic
7,50 $ 300 g Qty : 90
Organic frozen whole strawberries

Organic ground cherry Organic ground cherryOrganic ground cherry

This succulent small fruit is eaten raw or cooked. It can be eaten as is in fruit or mixed salads. It is used to make pies, sorbets and ice cream. Very rich in pectin, it is used to prepare jams, jellies or marinades. It is also processed into juice. To eat, remove the membrane and wash the fruit and around the stem to remove the resinous substance that forms there. Certified by Quebec-Vrai.
Ferme aux pleines saveurs Organic
5,75 $ 250 mL Qty : 6
Organic ground cherry