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Plantes, flowers and seeds

Plantes, flowers and seeds

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(courge delicata) (courge delicata)

(Semences provenant des jardins de l'écoumène.)
Le Marché de l'Outaouais Organic
2,44 $TX (Fr: 25 semences) Qty : 1

Detroit dark red beet Detroit dark red beet

This high quality heirloom originated from port Hope Ontario in 1892 (bred by a Mr. Reeves) and has been widely grown since. Well rounded roots with a blood red flesh. Thin as needed to get uniform 8 cm beets. 100 seeds
Semences Nordiques Organic
3,50 $TX (Fr: 100 semences) Qty : 8

Dry bean, calypso Dry bean, calypso

Dry bean. A Mexican heirloom, known far and wide for their beauty and taste. Plants are vigorous and forgiving. Harvest when the beans rattle within their papery pods. Beans are creamy and great for soups and Mexican frijoles.
Semences Nordiques Organic
3,50 $TX (Fr: 50 semences) Qty : 2

Radish, raxe Radish, raxe

The best summer radish. Red and round, it grows much bigger than other varieties without splitting or growing fibrous. Also bolt resistant. Does best in the shoulder season, but can be sowed in succession all summer long.
Semences Nordiques Organic
3,50 $TX (Fr: 200 semences) Qty : 5

Red russian kale Red russian kale

A tough plant with tender leaves and stems. Leaves are green and smooth with purple veins and stems, pretty enough to be an ornamental. Very hardy, the leaves get sweeter after frost. The whole plants can overwinter if kept under cover. Can also be harvested as baby-leaf.
Semences Nordiques Organic
3,50 $TX (Fr: 100 semences) Qty : 8

Watermelon, sweet dakota rose Watermelon, sweet dakota rose

Bred for North Dakota by the Podolls of Prairie Road Organic Farm, this watermelon will grow quite large (up to 8kg) given the right conditions, but performs amazingly well under adverse conditions too. And the taste is hard to beat!
Semences Nordiques Organic
3,50 $TX (Fr: 30 semences) Qty : 7

Winter squash, nutterbutter Winter squash, nutterbutter

A smaller butternut than the standard Waltham, Nutterbutter also ripens earlier. Bred at High Mowing for outstanding taste, uniformity of size and shape, and early ripening.
Semences Nordiques Organic
3,50 $TX (Fr: 20 semences) Qty : 4

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