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Premium coffee can only come from premium green coffee beans. So the coffee journey begins on the farm, with the dedication and craftsmanship of the small-scale farmers of Prodecoop and Co-op Norandino from whom we source. Our commitment to building direct long-term relationships with our producer partners helps ensure Camino receives the best quality green coffee beans available. Add to that the roasting expertise of our partners, Axia Services (formerly Les services adaptés Transit), whose daily micro-batches of 40–60 kilos of coffee on state of the art equipment results in a most delightful cuppa.
Choose from 6 new delicious flavours, from light caramel to rich chocolate notes, and rediscover Camino.
All coffees are certified fair trade by the Small Producer Symbol (SPP), certified organic by QAI and certified kosher by Kashruth Council of Canada (COR).

Roast levels

  • Medium roast – This blend offers the sweetest, brightest flavour profile to reveal the coffee bean’s true characteristics. You’ll notice the beans have a dry appearance reflecting the shorter roasting process.
  • Dark roast – The beans have a scarlet maple colouring with an oily surface. This roast offers dense caramelized sugars, and smokiness for more bittersweet flavours. Think cooked fruit. Think maple and mesquite. Think dark chocolate.
  • French roast – This one is all about the roast profile, with heavy oils on the beans and a dark brown colour. But we make sure the beans offer something more — heavy mouthfeel, smoky flavours, and a sweet, refreshing aftertaste.
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Bittersweet baking chocolate - fbc002 Bittersweet baking chocolate - fbc002Bittersweet baking chocolate - fbc002

71% cocoa
Camino Organic Faire trade
7,75 $ 200 g - bar Qty : 7
Bittersweet baking chocolate - fbc002

Semi-sweet baking chocolate - fbc003 Semi-sweet baking chocolate - fbc003Semi-sweet baking chocolate - fbc003

56% cocoa
Camino Organic Faire trade
7,75 $ 200 g - bar Qty : 9
Semi-sweet baking chocolate - fbc003

Unsweetened baking chocolate - fbc001 Unsweetened baking chocolate - fbc001Unsweetened baking chocolate - fbc001

100% cocoa
Camino Organic Faire trade
7,75 $ 200g-bar Qty : 9
Unsweetened baking chocolate - fbc001