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(la damnation de faust) (la damnation de faust)(la damnation de faust)

Quyon River Clay SoapNotes of lavender and clove essential oils 125gIngredients:Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Aqua, Palm Oil, Lye, Castor Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Quyon River Clay hand picked, Clove Bud and Lavender Essential Oils
Pure Conscience
8,00 $TX (Fr: 125g) Qty : 6
(la damnation de faust)

Box of green tomatoes Box of green tomatoesBox of green tomatoes

Green and not ripe ... ideal for recipes for ... green tomatoes !!! On your mark, get set, cook !!!
Pure Conscience New
8,00 $ 5pd Qty : 4
Box of green tomatoes

Box of ripen tomatoes for cooking Box of ripen tomatoes for cookingBox of ripen tomatoes for cooking

Picked and ripened on the plant, these tomatoes make the best sauces in the world. Your kitchen will be perfumed with the most delicious aromas. To be enjoyed during the harvest season. And to the devils the regrets !!!
Pure Conscience
35,00 $ 15pb Qty : 8
Box of ripen tomatoes for cooking

Grape tomatoes Grape tomatoesGrape tomatoes

(Nos plus beaux tomates! excellent en sandwich, en salade ou en sauce. )
Pure Conscience New
8,00 $ 1kg Qty : 13
Grape tomatoes

Green house tomatoes Green house tomatoesGreen house tomatoes

Unusual tomatoes with an extraordinary taste! To eat in season with all the reasons!
Pure Conscience
3,75 $ 1 xlb Qty : 19
Green house tomatoes

Green peppers Green peppersGreen peppers

They are here!!...
Pure Conscience
5,00 $ 1 x pd Qty : 1
Green peppers

Lacinato kale Lacinato kale Lacinato kale

Try it raw in a salad or sauté with garlic and olive oil. This is a popular variety in Italien cuisine.
Pure Conscience
3,50 $ (Fr: Bouquet) Qty : 8
Lacinato kale

Marinated eggs from the farm Marinated eggs from the farmMarinated eggs from the farm

Eggs marinated from our farm. Our hens are fed organic grain and spend happy time outside. They bring you this new product exclusively from our Pure Conscience farm. Warning: These marinated eggs are addictive! Contain approx. 7 eggs.
Pure Conscience
8,75 $ 500 ml Qty : 5
Marinated eggs from the farm

Mix of carreaux Mix of carreauxMix of carreaux

Whah's up, Doc??...
Pure Conscience
5,00 $ Bunch Qty : 8
Mix of carreaux

Mix of hot peppers Mix of hot peppersMix of hot peppers

Ay, ay, ay, ay, Canta y no llores !!! In English: "sing and do not cry !!" lol ... Habaneros, jalapenos and other os that make you cry and sweat .. hot !!! Perfect for warding off bad viruses of all kinds. To be consumed in moderation, except for Aficionados !!
Pure Conscience New
6,00 $ 150g Qty : 3
Mix of hot peppers

Mixed sweet peppers (15,38$/kg.) Mixed sweet peppersMixed sweet peppers

(Toute une variété des poivrons doux!. Poivron vert, chocolat, rouge et notre poivron favori Jimmy Nardello. Un poivron excellent pour le manger en grillade. Simplement délicieux! )
Pure Conscience
6,98 $ (0,454 kg.) Qty : 2
Mixed sweet peppers

Sweet potato Sweet potatoSweet potato

The sweet potato produced here! It is freshly harvested this week and produced without any chemical input. Very nutritious, the sweet potato contains less calories and carbohydrates than the traditional potato and it is an excellent source of vitamin A and C! Enjoy your meal!
Pure Conscience
10,00 $ (Fr: 1kg Sac) Qty : 10
Sweet potato

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