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Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé

Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé

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6 chocolate zucchini muffins Frozen product 6 chocolate zucchini muffins 6 chocolate zucchini muffins

Ingredients: flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, vegetable oil, flax seeds, zucchini, chocolate chip semi-sweet vegan.
Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé New
15,99 $ 6 units Qty : 5
6 chocolate zucchini muffins

Butter tofu Frozen product Butter tofu Butter tofu

ingredients: organic tofu, brown rice, tomato, onion, coconut milk, cauliflower, pepper, kale, tomato paste, cashew, nutritional yeast, olive oil, ginger, garlic, coriander, maple syrup, spices, salt, pepper.
Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé New
10,99 $ single portion Qty : 18
Butter tofu

Mexican soup Frozen product Mexican soupMexican soup

ingredients: tomato, homemade vegetable broth, onion, pepper, bean, chickpea, corn, avocado, okra, orzo, garlic, coriander, canola oil, spices, sea salt.
Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé New
9,99 $ single portion Qty : 40
Mexican soup

Plant-based spaghetti Frozen product Plant-based spaghetti

ingredients: pasta (wheat), tomato, onion, vegan sausage (water, wheat protein (gluten), non-GMO canola oil, smoked paprika, dehydrated vegetables (bell peppers, onions, garlic), sea salt, nutritional yeast, red wine vinegar, organic cane sugar, yeast extract, spices), black bean, brown rice, breadcrumbs, quinoa, cashew nuts, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, basil, garlic, olive oil olive, canola oil, maple syrup, spices, salt, pepper.
Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé New
11,99 $ single portion Qty : 7

Protein blondies Frozen product Protein blondiesProtein blondies

4 delicious squares of vanilla brownies made with chickpeas!
Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé New
8,99 $TX 4 units Qty : 7
Protein blondies

Protein chili Frozen product Protein chiliProtein chili

Typical healthy comfort food! A mix of several nutritious ingredients (tomato, onion, red bean, chickpea, sweet potato, corn, cashew nuts, soy protein), brown rice and a touch of homemade vegan sour cream!
Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé New
10,99 $ single portion Qty : 3
Protein chili

Sweet potato shepherd's pie Frozen product Sweet potato shepherdSweet potato shepherd's pie

* favorite * A comforting classic dish, made of BBQ tofu, lentil, onion, sunflower seed, corn, sweet potato & cheese ;)!
Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé New
10,99 $ single portion Qty : 29
Sweet potato shepherd

Thai soup Frozen product Thai soupThai soup

A soup inspired by Thai cuisine, with curry, coconut milk, baby corn, tomato, pepper, coriander, mushroom, rice vermicelli, well garnished and tasty!
Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé New
9,99 $ 26oz Qty : 11
Thai soup

Whole vegan tourtière Frozen product Whole vegan tourtièreWhole vegan tourtière

Our popular tasty tourtière made with potato, carrot, onion, mushroom, millet and sunflower seed!
Nutriva, prêt-à-manger santé New
17,99 $ whole Qty : 2
Whole vegan tourtière

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