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Les Serres Gatineau

Les Serres Gatineau

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(tomates rouges) (tomates rouges)(tomates rouges)

(Très belles tomates rouges )
Les Serres Gatineau
(tomates rouges)

(tomates cerises diverses couleurs) (tomates cerises diverses couleurs)

(Un pot de tomates cerises de 4-5 sortes de couleurs, Environ 900 g.)
Les Serres Gatineau
9,95 $ (Fr: 800 g.) Qty : Inf

(tomates pour transformation) (tomates pour transformation)

(Bonnes tomates pour faire vos conserves. )
Les Serres Gatineau
15,00 $ (Fr: 10 lbs ) Qty : 1

(concombres anglais petit) (concombres anglais petit)

(Concombre mesurant 28 a 30. Cm. Il seront en pqt./3)
Les Serres Gatineau
5,00 $ (Fr: PQT/3) Qty : 1

Cherry tomatoes red Cherry tomatoes redCherry tomatoes red

Sweet and tasty. Average weight 200g.
Les Serres Gatineau
Cherry tomatoes red

English cucumber English cucumberEnglish cucumber

Les Serres Gatineau
English cucumber

Green leaf lettuce Green leaf lettuceGreen leaf lettuce

Beautiful lettuce, tasty, appetizing. Keeps well for a long time. Picked every day. Hydroponic.
Les Serres Gatineau
3,75 $ (Fr: unité) Qty : Inf
Green leaf lettuce

Green pepper Green pepperGreen pepper

Fresh green pepper
Les Serres Gatineau
2,75 $ (Fr: Unite env. 275 g.) Qty : 2
Green pepper

Green tomatoes Green tomatoes

Les Serres Gatineau
2,50 $ (Fr: 1 lbs) Qty : Inf

Hot pepper Hot pepperHot pepper

Hot pepper. Yellow, red or green.
Les Serres Gatineau
Hot pepper

Italian tomatoes Italian tomatoesItalian tomatoes

About 4-6 tomatoes/pk
Les Serres Gatineau
Italian tomatoes

Lebanese cucumber Lebanese cucumberLebanese cucumber

A small cucumber. Excellent taste and quality.
Les Serres Gatineau
Lebanese cucumber

Lettuce washed and cut Lettuce washed and cutLettuce washed and cut

Green or red leaf lettuce washed ready to eat, pack of 140 g. Ideal for camping or cottage. Keeps well in the fridge or cooler for 1-2 weeks.
Les Serres Gatineau
4,75 $ (Fr: 200 g.) Qty : Inf
Lettuce washed and cut

Mei qing choi Mei qing choiMei qing choi

(Premier pak choi de type Shanghai (à pétioles verts en forme de cuillère). Très bon goût.)
Les Serres Gatineau
2,50 $ (Fr: Unite 1) Qty : 2
Mei qing choi

Orange tomatoes Orange tomatoes

Yellow tomato (orange) Large, sweet flavor with a better balance of acid and sweetness that most yellow tomatoes.
Les Serres Gatineau

Pickle cucumber Pickle cucumber Pickle cucumber

A little bigger than the Lebanese cucumber.
Les Serres Gatineau
3,95 $ (Fr: Pqt /5) Qty : 2
Pickle cucumber

Red tomatoes - small Red tomatoes - smallRed tomatoes - small

2 pounds package. Approx. 5-6 tomatoes.
Les Serres Gatineau
5,00 $ (Fr: 2 lbs) Qty : Inf
Red tomatoes - small

Romaine lettuce chopped and washed Romaine lettuce chopped and washed

Beautiful leaf of washed Romaine lettuce. Ready to eat in a container. 140 g
Les Serres Gatineau
4,75 $ (Fr: 200G.) Qty : Inf

Yellow cocktail tomatoes Yellow cocktail tomatoes

It stands out for its sweet flavor and low acidity. About 30 g.
Les Serres Gatineau
5,00 $ (Fr: 450 g.) Qty : Inf