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(zéphyr,vin de fraises 200ml) (zéphyr,vin de fraises 200ml)(zéphyr,vin de fraises 200ml)

Strawberry wine
Domaine Mont-Vézeau, vignoble et fraisière
12,92 $TX 200 ml Qty : 190
(zéphyr,vin de fraises 200ml)

Alizée AlizéeAlizée

Aperitif Wine : This Rosée type wine offers fruity aromas and a delicate taste of pineapple and berries. This wine goes well with seafood, sushi, fish and salade. This wine comes from the blending of the three cultures : grapes, strawberries and raspberries.
Domaine Mont-Vézeau, vignoble et fraisière
17,40 $TX (Fr: 750 ml) Qty : 214

Eolia EoliaEolia

Raspberry wine.This wine is made with four varieties of Raspberries carefully picked at the Domaine. Slighly spicy, its passage in oak barrel offers subtle notes of chocolate. Ideal to accompany cheeses and dessert.
Domaine Mont-Vézeau, vignoble et fraisière
19,15 $TX (Fr: 210 ml) Qty : 130

Red wine noroit Red wine noroitRed wine noroit

This fine purple wine has a smooth but persistent attack with red berries and black cherries aromas and a finish that offers subtle notes of spices and woody tannins. It goes well with strong cheese, spicy meals, wild game, grilled meat and poultry.
Domaine Mont-Vézeau, vignoble et fraisière
17,40 $TX (Fr: 750 ml) Qty : 447
Red wine noroit

Stawberry wine zéphyr Stawberry wine zéphyrStawberry wine zéphyr

This is a strawberry wine made from our own locally grown strawberries.With dessert or by itself we suggest it be served in a dark chocolate shot glass. Zéphyr goes wonderfully with chocolate fondue or simply combined with fresh cheese or foie gras.
Domaine Mont-Vézeau, vignoble et fraisière
21,74 $TX (Fr: 500 ml) Qty : 105
Stawberry wine zéphyr

White wine borée White wine boréeWhite wine borée

This gold coloured wine offers aromas of citrus, melon and lychee. With a finishing taste of Granny Smith apple, this wine goes well with fish and other seafood.
Domaine Mont-Vézeau, vignoble et fraisière
17,40 $TX (Fr: 750ml) Qty : 264
White wine borée