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(6 chocolatines (non taxable)) (6 chocolatines (non taxable))

18,00 $ 6 units Qty : Inf

Almond croissants Almond croissantsAlmond croissants

Croissant with frangipane cream (almond powder base) sprinkled with sliced almonds.
4,01 $TX unit Qty : Inf
Almond croissants

Apple pie, uncooked and frozen Frozen product Apple pie, uncooked and frozenApple pie, uncooked and frozen

Puff pastry (100% pure butter), quartered apples, maple caramel, and walnuts.
22,42 $ 8" Qty : 20
Apple pie, uncooked and frozen

Blueberry nut muffin Blueberry nut muffinBlueberry nut muffin

Organic spelt flour, distilled water, wild Québec blueberries, dried dates, omega-3 eggs, walnuts, canola oil (trans fat-free), baking powder.
2,94 $TX unit Qty : Inf
Blueberry nut muffin

Blueberry tart Frozen product Blueberry tart

(Pâte tarte 100% pur beurre, bleuets d'Abitibi,blanc d'oeuf, sirop d'érable)
16,00 $ 8 pouces Qty : 10

Chicken pie Frozen product Chicken pieChicken pie

Pie dough (unsalted butter, organic spelt flour, unbleached flour, water, sugar, salt) filled with a chicken béchamel
14,93 $ 8'' Qty : 20
Chicken pie

Chocolatine ChocolatineChocolatine

Croissant with 2 sticks of chocolate
3,00 $TX unit Qty : Inf

Coccinelle Frozen product Coccinelle Coccinelle

Symbol of luck and love. Raspberry parfait (not as rich as ice cream and creamier than sorbet), vanilla-flavoured Bavarian prepared our own way (real vanilla beans), thin layer of roulade biscuit to bring the flavours together. Ideal for children's birthday parties or as a family, to be enjoyed frozen. But wait, it's the raspberries that naturally give me my bright red color. Keep frozen until ready to eat !
41,68 $ 12 portions Qty : 2

Cranberry and orange scone Cranberry and orange sconeCranberry and orange scone

Delicious on it's own or accompanied with Blueberry compote, your coffee or snack breaks will be completely satisfied. A daily pleasure for you senses !
3,05 $TX unit Qty : Inf
Cranberry and orange scone

Croissant uncooked and frozen Frozen product Croissant uncooked and frozenCroissant uncooked and frozen

Croissant made with 100% pure butter
15,84 $ 8 unit Qty : Inf
Croissant uncooked and frozen

Croque-noisette Frozen product Croque-noisetteCroque-noisette

Crispy chocolate base, Dacquois biscuit (hazelnut and unbleached flour), chocolate and gianduja mousse. Three textures, three symphonies in one bite! Our croque-noisette is almost as well-known as Tchaikovsky's Nut-Cracker ballet, according to our loyal customers.

Dame-blanche Dame-blancheDame-blanche

White génoise, light vanilla cream. A simple and straight-forward taste, for dessert-lovers seeking an all-white cake!

Danish pastry with fruit Danish pastry with fruitDanish pastry with fruit

A torsade of croissant and sultana raisins, garnish with custard a small fruits (raspberries and blueberries).
3,75 $TX unit Qty : Inf
Danish pastry with fruit

Duo Frozen product DuoDuo

White génoise, raspberry mousse, light lemon-flavoured mousse, raspberry icing. The fusion of the two fruity flavours is an ideal choice for dessert-lovers looking for a chocolate-free treat!
33,71 $ 8-10 portions Qty : Inf

Evasion Frozen product EvasionEvasion

Chocolate génoise, chocolate crunch, white cheese mousse, bitter-sweet cheese mousse, white chocolate icing. The possibilities are endless! Try one portion and let us know what you think...
25,15 $ 4-6 portions Qty : Inf

Field berry charlotte Frozen product Field berry charlotteField berry charlotte

White génoise, field berry mousse (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants), roulade biscuit, topped with a cluster of fruits: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants.
Field berry charlotte

Forêt-noire Forêt-noire Forêt-noire

Chocolate génoise, Chantilly cream, Bing cherries macerated in kirsch, kirsch syrup, bitter-sweet chocolate shavings.

Fraisier FraisierFraisier

White génoise, light kirsch-flavoured mousse, fresh strawberries, kirsch syrup, with a thin layer of plain almond paste on top.Traditionally prepared from a richer mousseline, Fidélice offers you this lighter, healthier version which will satisfy your expectations. Another signature Fidélice innovation!

Ham quiche Frozen product Ham quicheHam quiche

Pie dough done with organic spelt flour, filled with a mix of egg, ham and swiss cheese.
17,07 $ 8'' Qty : 20
Ham quiche

Leak quiche Frozen product Leak quicheLeak quiche

Pie dough done with organic spelt flour, filled with a mix of egg, leak and swiss cheese.
17,07 $ 8'' Qty : 10
Leak quiche

Lemon scone Lemon sconeLemon scone

Delicious on it's own or accompanied with Blueberry compote, your coffee or snack breaks will be completely satisfied. A daily pleasure for you senses !
3,05 $TX unit Qty : Inf
Lemon scone

Meat pie Frozen product Meat pieMeat pie

Half pork, half veal. Pie dough; (unsalted butter, organic spelt flour, unbleached flour, water, sugar, salt).
14,93 $ 8'' Qty : 20
Meat pie

Muffin aux framboises Muffin aux framboisesMuffin aux framboises

Organic spelt flour, distilled water, raspberries, dried dates, omega-3 eggs, canola oil (trans fat-free), baking powder, baking soda.
2,94 $TX unit Qty : Inf
Muffin aux framboises

Nid carrousel Frozen product Nid carrouselNid carrousel

A chocolate cake, with a chocolate Guayaquil 64% mousse and a slightly salted chocolate caramel.
Nid carrousel

Parisien Frozen product ParisienParisien

Chocolate génoise, Parisian cream, bitter-sweet chocolate shavings. A soft chocolaty taste that tantalizes children's taste buds !
32,64 $ 8-10 portions Qty : Inf

Plain croissant Plain croissantPlain croissant

Croissant made with 100% pur butter
2,51 $ unit Qty : Inf
Plain croissant

Strawberry shortcake Strawberry shortcakeStrawberry shortcake

White génoise, Chantilly cream, two levels of fresh strawberries, slivered roasted almonds, and a crown of strawberries.
33,12 $ 8-10 portions Qty : Inf
Strawberry shortcake

Trinité Frozen product TrinitéTrinité

Sensitive Line : the allergen wheat flour is replaced with red cocoa. Chocolate cookie, extra bitter ganache (72%), chocolate milk ganache, white chocolate mousse. Three gods...three sins in one bite!
26,70 $ 4-6 portions Qty : Inf

Uncooked and frozen chocolatine Frozen product Uncooked and frozen chocolatineUncooked and frozen chocolatine

Chocolate croissant
18,40 $ 8 units Qty : Inf
Uncooked and frozen chocolatine

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