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Ferme de la Montagne

Ferme de la Montagne

Located in the heart of the Pontiac, the Ferme de la Montagne specialises in the production of Boer goats. We invite you to discover chevon, a tasty and delicate meat. Great gastronomes and nature lovers, we raise our animals with great care and respect. Follow us, who knows, they may be able to offer you many fresh farm products.

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Farm raised chicken wings (5) (12,50$/kg.) Frozen product Farm raised chicken wings (5)

Farm raised chicken wings raised outside
Ferme de la Montagne

Goat kidney (7,95$/kg.) Frozen product Goat kidney

Farm raised Goats without hormones
Ferme de la Montagne Faire trade

Goat merguez- gluten free-halal Frozen product Goat merguez- gluten free-halal

Nice long merguez the way I like them. 100% goat meat. Lamb casings. No gluten, Made with HALAL goat
Ferme de la Montagne
11,50 $ 400g Qty : 4

Goat testicules Frozen product Goat testicules

Ferme de la Montagne
3,00 $ 2 Qty : 2

Halal goat liver (15,95$/kg.) Frozen product Halal goat liver

Farm raised Goats without hormones
Ferme de la Montagne Faire trade

Pénélope s herbal tea: mom s mix Pénélope s herbal tea: mom s mix

Pénélope, our daughter, love herbal tea, she started to élaborate her own mix with the herb of her garden and ingredients around her at the farm. Mom s Mix has some camomile, lavender, hyssop, mint and biologic white tea that mom brought back from China.
Ferme de la Montagne Organic Faire trade
5,00 $ 10 g Qty : 1