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(la bohème) (la bohème)(la bohème)

Delicate soap with notes of lavender essential oil.Lavender and calendula flowers soap 125 gIngredients:Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Aqua, Palm Oil, Lye, Castor Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Lavender Essential Oil.
Pure Conscience
8,00 $TX (Fr: 125g) Qty : 6
(la bohème)

(la damnation de faust) (la damnation de faust)(la damnation de faust)

Quyon River Clay SoapNotes of lavender and clove essential oils 125gIngredients:Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Aqua, Palm Oil, Lye, Castor Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Quyon River Clay hand picked, Clove Bud and Lavender Essential Oils
Pure Conscience
8,00 $TX (Fr: 125g) Qty : 8
(la damnation de faust)

Black radish Black radishBlack radish

We all know the red radish, but do you know that it comes in a darker version?Native to China, the black radish is still very little known to us. And yet, it has many health benefits! Antiseptic, antibacterial, diuretic: thanks to all its properties, black radish can be used in a large number of situations. Grown here and without chemicals !!
Pure Conscience
3,75 $ bunch Qty : 4
Black radish

Breakfats radish Breakfats radishBreakfats radish

Small radishes with great character! No need to wait until lunch to eat them !!
Pure Conscience
3,50 $ bunch Qty : 15
Breakfats radish

Bunch of garlic Bunch of garlicBunch of garlic

Between 5 and 8 cloves of garlic of different sizes assembled in a bouquet to the delight of the senses. To be enjoyed at all times. Keep away all kinds of evil spirits in addition to strengthening the immune system !!!
Pure Conscience New
10,00 $ bunch Qty : 10
Bunch of garlic

Dish soap bar Dish soap barDish soap bar

100% made with organic coconut oil.Cendrillon is a multi purpose soap. It can also replace all other unnatural products used for washing your clothes by hand, the various surfaces of your kitchen and bathroom, such as your countertops and stove.Rub your wet sponge on the soap and discover the joy of a pure conscience...
Pure Conscience
Dish soap bar

Eggs EggsEggs

Love is in the Egg -Nothing less! What could be better than a Pontiac rainbow to brighten up your lunch or your favorite recipes! Everything will be fine ... and much more with color and flavors straight from the farm! Enjoy it in the morning ... or anytime, day or night! Product in organic certification process ... ask our hens, they will tell you! Savor with passion !!
Pure Conscience
8,50 $ Dozen Qty : 10

Fresh baby beets Fresh baby beetsFresh baby beets

Small beets with a great taste !! Directly from the fields to your plate ... with the greatest of freshness !! Produced here in the Outaouais, naturally and without the addition of chemical inputs. What more could you ask for, except to put it in a salad, or ... We leave the rest to your imagination. Enjoy!!
Pure Conscience
3,75 $ bunch Qty : 10
Fresh baby beets

Garlic GarlicGarlic

Quebec garlic, produced here in Outaouais. What more can I say?? Keep evil spirits away as much as bad thoughts. Ideal to boost your immune system and brighten your meals... and to hell with the gloom!!!
Pure Conscience
3,00 $ head Qty : 9

Green house tomatoes Green house tomatoesGreen house tomatoes

Unusual tomatoes with an extraordinary taste! To eat in season with all the reasons!
Pure Conscience New
5,00 $ 1 xlb Qty : 19
Green house tomatoes

Green peppers Green peppersGreen peppers

They are here!!...
Pure Conscience New
6,00 $ 1 x pd Qty : 15
Green peppers

Italian zuchinis Italian zuchinisItalian zuchinis

My God, they've arrived!! Quick before it goes away!!
Pure Conscience
3,75 $ 1 pd Qty : 15
Italian zuchinis

Lebanese cumulés Lebanese cumulésLebanese cumulés

The time for cucumbers has come !! No, they do not come from Lebanon but from the Pontiac !! Ideal to refresh your summer!
Pure Conscience New
1,50 $ One cucumber Qty : 30
Lebanese cumulés

Marinated eggs from the farm Marinated eggs from the farmMarinated eggs from the farm

Eggs marinated from our farm. Our hens are fed organic grain and spend happy time outside. They bring you this new product exclusively from our Pure Conscience farm. Warning: These marinated eggs are addictive! Contain approx. 7 eggs.
Pure Conscience
8,75 $ 500 ml Qty : 9
Marinated eggs from the farm

Maxibel beans Maxibel beansMaxibel beans

Devoid of thread and a beautiful dark green, this bean is most tender and flavorful. He prefers to be eaten in the company of his other Maxibel friends for the greatest of delicacies. Maybe accompanied by a steak on the BBQ ... it makes a great team. A little butter et voilà!
Pure Conscience New
5,00 $ 350g Qty : 29
Maxibel beans

Meme de beauce tomatoe Meme de beauce tomatoeMeme de beauce tomatoe

When Mémé starts growing tomatoes, tie up your hat! It will move !! A tomato developed in Beauce. And we know that Beaucerons do not do things by halves! To discover and taste now or never!
Pure Conscience New
5,50 $ (0,367 kg.) Qty : 8
Meme de beauce tomatoe

Mix of kale & swiss chard Mix of kale & swiss chardMix of kale & swiss chard

Try it raw in a salad or sauté with garlic and olive oil.
Pure Conscience
3,75 $ (Fr: Bouquet) Qty : 6
Mix of kale & swiss chard

Pâtisson squash Pâtisson squashPâtisson squash

Wondering what a patisson squash is? Well, these are mini flying saucers !! Wait a minute!! These summer squash vary in color, ranging from light yellow, green, and even white. Very similar to zucchini, but a little sweeter. They are delicious and beg to be discovered. Ideal for those with an adventuruous taste and a good appetite !!
Pure Conscience New
3,75 $ 1 pd Qty : 15
Pâtisson squash

Rhubarb RhubarbRhubarb

The flavors of the rhubarb go particularly well with strawberries. But rhubarb also goes perfectly with apples, cinnamon, honey or even with ginger. Rhubarb is perfect to accompany fish or meat dishes. It fits well in stuffing for poultry, salsas and salads.
Pure Conscience
6,25 $ bunch Qty : 13

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