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Ferme Ostribee

Ferme Ostribee

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Duck eggs Duck eggsDuck eggs

Our ducks free range and on a large pasture. Duck eggs have a larger yolk than chicken eggs and are great for backing.
Ferme Ostribee
10,00 $ Dozen Qty : 10
Duck eggs

Ostrich egg shells Ostrich egg shellsOstrich egg shells

Great you own unique masterpiece from this ostrich eggshell. All you need is your imagination.This eggshell is natural produced by an ostrich who is free ranging on a large pasture enjoying life and the company of her fellow birds.The ostrich egg is the largest egg in the world, as its average height is from 5 to 7 inches, its width is 4 to 5 inches. The shell of ostrich eggs is very thick. It is empty, cleaned and sanitized and has on drainage hole at the bottom, about ½ inch.
Ferme Ostribee
20,00 $ each Qty : 1
Ostrich egg shells

Ostrich eggs Ostrich eggsOstrich eggs

Ostrich Eggs are the size of 24 chicken eggs. Ostriches always free range in very large pastures.
Ferme Ostribee
25,00 $ each Qty : 2
Ostrich eggs

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