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Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm

Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm

OYÉ!OYÉ!  We are quite excited to annonce the arrival of our summer honey. This honey, much apprecciated, is lighter in color and softer in taste than the  honey produced in the fall. Bees have been working hard to provide us with this delicacy and also have produced the delicious honey comb, which we eat with our fingers or spoon, quite the gournet experience.  Spoil yourself, you deserve it ! 




Blueberries have arrives. Vacuum seal bags, try our delicious frozen blueberries in yogourt, or smooothies or your favorite dessert, a delicious snack to help beat this heat. Cultivated localy, without pesticides. 


Also, contribute to help the environment, try our new wrap eco cotton bee s waxed. 

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liquid honey from wild flowers  liquid honey from wild flowers liquid honey from wild flowers

Liquid honey packed in glass jar produced from wild flowers fields.
Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm
 liquid honey from wild flowers

liquid honey in glass bear jar  liquid honey in glass bear jar liquid honey in glass bear jar

400 g. Glass teddy bear jar of wild flowers liquid honey.
Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm
7,00 $ 375 g Qty : 25
 liquid honey in glass bear jar

Apple - mix varietes Apple - mix varietes

Season apples, the package may contain McIntosh, Spartan, Gingergold, Paulared, Liberte, Primegold or others
Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm
5,50 $ Bag 3 lb Qty : 78

Apple different varieties for cooking Apple different varieties for cooking

Apples of different varieties , may have some imperfection but still taste delicious and are perfect for cooking.
Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm
4,00 $ Bag 3 lb Qty : 92

Bee's wax wrap organic cotton BeeBee's wax wrap organic cotton

Organic cotton covered with our own bee's wax. Use for wrapping food, (except meat and hot food) Simply wash in luke warm water with a bit of soap and hang dry. Bee'wax is excellent for preserving freshness, much better than plastic, and it smells so much better, hmm!
Ferme LaBristoloise Garden Farm