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Verger Croque-pomme

Verger Croque-pomme

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Apple jelly - plane Apple jelly - plane

Verger Croque-pomme
7,00 $ (Fr: 250 ml) Qty : 54

Apple jelly - spicy Apple jelly - spicy

Verger Croque-pomme
7,00 $ (Fr: 250 ml) Qty : 40

Cider vinegar Cider vinegarCider vinegar

Vinegar produced from our ciders. Alive and npasteurized, allowing to keep the mother vinegar which develops in bottle. Shake the bottle before use to mix the mother vinegar.
Verger Croque-pomme
Cider vinegar

Cortland Cortland

Slightly tart and firm apple. The queen of the apple for baking pies.
Verger Croque-pomme

Croque démon Croque démonCroque démon

Semi-dry cider sparkling with 10% alcohol. Fresh, with a slight bitterness. Served cold, it goes very well with pancakes, fish, white meats and béchamel sauces, desserts and brunches.
Verger Croque-pomme
13,07 $TX 750 ml Qty : 89
Croque démon

Croque jasette Croque jasetteCroque jasette

Apple Mistelle which consists of an apple juice fortified with apple brandy. The alcohol level is 16%.
Verger Croque-pomme
21,74 $TX (Fr: 500 ml) Qty : 91
Croque jasette

Croque nordique Croque nordiqueCroque nordique

Ice cider 10.5% alcohol. Very sweet and generous, great complexity. There is a perfect balance between the natural sugar of the apple and its acidity. Obtained by cryo-extraction and cryo-concentration of frozen apples outside. It can be enjoyed alone as an aperitif or goes very well with meat pies, spicy dishes, fine or creamy cheeses, light desserts.
Verger Croque-pomme
19,13 $TX (Fr: 375 ml) Qty : 168
Croque nordique

Croque pétale Croque pétaleCroque pétale

Still cider with 12.5% alcohol. Delicious with a meal, it goes well with fish, seafood, chicken, pork, and veal.
Verger Croque-pomme
10,44 $TX (Fr: 500 ml) Qty : 103
Croque pétale

Croque trémousse - apple & ginger Croque trémousse - apple & gingerCroque trémousse - apple & ginger

Sparkling ice apple juice and ginger.
Verger Croque-pomme
7,85 $TX 750 ml Qty : 74
Croque trémousse - apple & ginger

Croque trémousse - rhubarb & apple Croque trémousse - rhubarb & apple

Sparkling ice apple and rhubarb juice.
Verger Croque-pomme
3,91 $TX (Fr: 330 ml) Qty : 112

Croque trémousse apple Croque trémousse appleCroque trémousse apple

Sparkling ice apple juice.
Verger Croque-pomme
7,85 $TX 750 ml Qty : 309
Croque trémousse apple

Croque-et-tombe Croque-et-tombeCroque-et-tombe

Fortified ice cider, 20% alcohol. Sweet and generous, with a pronounced apple scent and a powerful flavor. It can be served as an aperitif or digestive. It goes perfectly with strong flavor cheeses, chocolates, rich desserts and ice cream.
Verger Croque-pomme
19,13 $TX (Fr: 375 ml) Qty : 85

Croqueuse CroqueuseCroqueuse

Sparkling light cider with 5% alcohol. Very versatile, it can be taken before, during and after a meal. Fresh and refreshing. Available individually or in a box of 4.
Verger Croque-pomme

Honeycrisp HoneycrispHoneycrisp

Honeycrisp is a popular and high quality variety. It is crunchy, juicy, sweet, aromatic and slightly acidic. It has a very long shelf life in the fridge (6 months in the fridge in a plastic bag). It is more expensive than other varieties for these reasons, because of its vagaries of culture, its rarity, and because it produces only one year out of two.
Verger Croque-pomme
13,00 $ bag of 4 pounds Qty : 487

Spartan Spartan

Small, sweet, firm, red apple. Good conservation.
Verger Croque-pomme
7,00 $ (Fr: sac de 3 lb) Qty : 77

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